600-1200 Skid Mount



Skid units are available in a variety of tank
sizes to suit your truck chassis or flat deck.

Filled with design innovations that come from our extensive experience. Fits most existing single axle trucks. Our Skid Mount product requires no adaptation, simply bolts to truck chassis or fitted to a roll off deck.

Custom built to suit any truck chassis. We have various units available for truck mounting including:

  • Bolt-on skid decks
  • Hook-lift deck mount
  • Sub-frame mount

Hydro-Spade will ship anywhere for local installation.

We know you want reliable, durable, easy to use hydro excavation equipment. Our Skid Mount is a quick way of getting started without the outlay for purchasing a new truck chassis.


Skid Mounts are designed specifically to each truck chassis to provide proper weight distribution. Our Balanced Weight Distribution gives an operator the Hydro-Spade advantage of maximum payload.

For quiet operation we included an enclosed engine/blower compartment which also houses the silencer.

Heavy duty tubular chassis gives you maximum durability and longevity. Our positive shut off protection and Magnum filter with spun bonded filter cartridges, provide maximum protection for the blower unit.

Cleaning is easy via a full opening rear access door. The 6 inch drain valve allows discharge of liquids prior to dumping the spoils. Spun bonded polyester cartridge type blower filtration is easy to clean on site with the pressure wand.

Our Skid Units include a sealed electronic engine control panel with low oil pressure/high temperature auto-shutdown. Hydraulic boom for up/down and extend/retract and swing motions.

Stainless steel water tanks and an enclosed hose reel in a heated compartment make winter use easy. The anti-freeze kit protects the water system from freeze up.

600 – 1200 Skid Mount Specs

  • Various chassis available for truck mounting
    • Bolt-on skid decks
    • Hook-lift deck
    • Sub-frame mount
  • Custom builds to suit any truck chassis
  • 3X6 HSS frame with 4” channel c-braces, and wiring conduits
  • Checker plate decking
  • 600Gal debris tank, flanged and dished ASME style heads, level sight glass
  • Full opening rear door, single point closure and hose hooks
  • Twin side mount hydraulic hoist cylinders, 50 degree tipping angle
  • 12” primary shutoff, and 4” air piping to moisture trap
  • 4” suction valve c/w riser and 6” discharge valves, installed in rear door
  • 60HP Kubota diesel engine c/w safety shutdowns for low oil/high temp
  • 15 Gal diesel fuel tank
  • 800CCA battery
  • Dresser Roots 1000CFM vacuum blower unit (direct drive) c/w 4″ silencer
  • Complete drive line enclosure c/w access doors and rear service panel
  • Magnum 4/24 moisture trap with 2″ drain, 2″ relief valve and 4 spunbonded polyester washable filter cartridges
  • Hydraulic up/down function vacuum boom mounted on tank c/w pendant control for single operator capability (manual swing and 4 ft extension)
  • 8 ft and 4 ft vacuum lances
  • Giant water pump 5.5GPM X 3500PSI
  • Hotsy 385,000BTU boiler (winter frost cutting and cleaning
  • 3/8 x 50 ft pressure hose on manual reel c/w 72″ pressure lance
  • Two side mounted 125 gal water tanks
  • Epoxy primer and polyurethane top coats
  • 1yr parts and labour complete warranty
  • DOT registration and safety sticker